Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Waiting is Over!

The camera is charged, the memory cards have been cleared, the bike has been cleaned...ok that last bit is a lie!

Yes, tomorrow is Cycle Video Day 2011.

Just one little fly in the ointment....the weather! Yes the weather is obviously controlled by a disgruntled taxi driver as tomorrow (for large parts of the UK....ok Glasgow at least) is looking a bit manky. In fact there it may even be torrential rain.

Oh well, at least the videos will be a true reflection of cycling in the UK! My video is likely to look like this

However, there is absolutely no excuse for chickening out on the ride tomorrow morning. Get out on your bike, video your ride and show everyone how brilliant cycling is, even if there are crazy weather conditions.

Later tomorrow evening a new page will go up here with a form to enter your video details and some other information if you are willing. Remember, to help us keep tabs of the videos you should have 'Cycle Video Day 2011' in  the title.

Have a great days cycling! :-)


  1. That's the same weather we've been having here in Florida, USA for the past two days, tapering off tomorrow, I hope. Instead of pedaling uphill, it appeared that you were required to paddle up instead! I hope I won't find similar conditions with my velomobile tomorrow. I've submerged my electronics once already, and that's enough for my lifetime.

  2. No excellent weather in the Netherlands also but not so bad I wouldn't try to use my cameras. So now: started editting.

  3. Foggy above 100m above sea level and a little cold in Oslo this morning, but I had an enjoyable commute. No rain or snow, nice people in the streets. Video link has just been submitted (still being processed at Youtube).

  4. Looking forward to the videos! It's definitely international. :-)