Monday, 10 October 2011

Let's Get Publishing!

So the day is here and in the UK at least, most of us will have finished our commutes. Some videos are up already!

So if you haven't already started....get that video edited and posted on youtube or similar!

Ok, it may take a day or will in my case anyway, but let us know when your footage is up. To do that, look at the top of the page for the Submission Form Tab. You'll be able to send the link and other info there.

I hope you all had a  good day cycling! :-)


  1. About that good day of cycling: I did!

    But my day was far from an ordinary day.
    People driving on the wrong side of the road.... a lot...., my collegue who wanted to know the speed of his motorized 'cycle' which is allowed to drive 25 km/h max, some 'ninjas', cars who turn right the neat way, staying behind a bicyclist, then turn, reason for the wrong-side-drivers because the cause seemed to be road work. Road signs for diversion weren't any good so I also ignored some rules.

    I'm converting video, after that I can start editting. Hopefully I can upload tomorrow.

  2. I had a bit of an odd day too, quite a few cut ups today, a taxi on fire and a steamed up camera. Fun :)

  3. If you're @magnatom: thanks for the retweet of my video! :-)

    Cheers @mavawa

  4. Oh, I have not heard about this day in time. I already deleted all videos of Monday. :(
    Maybe next time...