Saturday, 8 October 2011

Helmet Cameras to the Ready!

The 10th is fast approaching.

However, there is a problem. Due to the millions of cyclists simultaneously charging their helmet cameras at the same time we have created power shortages worldwide. So, if your in the UK we apologise if we interupt your viewing of Strickly Come Dancing. Elsewhere in the world, be thankful that you never have to watch it! :-)

Seriously though, don't forget to charge those cameras and clear your memory cards!

We are also wondering if when submitting your videos here in the days following the 10th, that you provide us with a couple of pieces of information that might be interesting to collect.

1. Rate your commute on the 10th out of 10. i.e it was fabulous, really enjoyed it then give it a 10. Worst ever give it a 1.
2. Give us the number (rough if lots!) of incidents that you had (i.e. close passes etc) Zero is a very acceptable answer of course!
3. Rough number of nice interactions you had with other road users. By that I mean smiles, waves, thank you's and particularly good driving
4. If you come off the bike for any reason let us know. I don't expect that to happen of course

Why are we collecting this? Well it might be interesting. It might be surprising... we don't know, but if your happy to share the information who knows what we might learn.

To simplify the set up process I will set up a submission form that will appear on the night of the 10th that should be self explanatory.

None of the information is obligatory of course, fill in what you want. :-)

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